Fredi, Your niche coaching sessions were priceless! I was really confused and struggling to get myself centered so that I could build a successful coaching business. My head was going in a million different directions as I listened to other marketing advice which had the “same old, same old” approach. It just didn’t feel authentic. Your gentle but powerful coaching sessions helped me connect with my unique self and …voila, I have a niche that resonates with my deepest self, has infinite possibilities, and whenever I tell others what I do, I can verbalize it without hesitation.   Now I am unstuck; when I think of how to move forward with coaching, my imagination is limitless. Thank you, I will look forward to working with you again in the future.

Carla Geddes


knew it was time to re-engineer my coaching practice but I kept on tripping over myself. It was time to “name it and claim it” and I am so glad that I chose to work with Fredi. I have a smooth path now. Whoot!

Kathy Larson, PCC 


Fredi is a very experienced coach, with a talent of helping you discover the obstacles that are keeping you from moving towards your goals.  Her natural warmth and custom approach towards your requirements, work with you step by step, to arrive at your own answers and clears the way for the changes you wanted to make in your life.

Private Coaching Client, Princeton, NJ


In a word, Fredi is Fabulous!  Working with her, I have discovered parts of myself that I didn’t even know existed and talents that had remained hidden for my entire life.  I have also learned to be gentle with myself, while at the same going places that I never imagined.  Coaching with Fredi has been one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made for myself and for my business.  I am just so grateful for our time together.  Thank you Fredi!

Kim Washisko CPC, ELI-MP


Fredi’s coaching has been a tremendous help to me as I start my business.  Her coaching gets me out of my fear and back to a place of confidence.  She reopens the doors that sometimes close and feel impenetrable.  She has helped me see into my blind spots and find the opportunities I was overlooking.  After a session I feel energized, confident and I have a plan of action I can follow.  Her experience and insight are invaluable.

Linda Lewis, CPC, ELI-MP 


By the time I completed my work with Fredi, I gained clarity on how to work with some challenging situations in my personal life, which cleared the way for the clarity I sought regarding my coaching business.  I am now ready to take my business seriously, share my gifts proactively, and have declared myself an expert divorce coach!  My coaching business has gone from a dabbling hobby to passionate priority!  Thank you Fredi! If you are a bit (or a lot) stuck about getting your coaching or other business off the ground, especially if finding your voice and having the courage to put it out there are some of the challenges you face, then Fredi is the coach for you.  Fredi is not only a master at coaching people to find their voice so they can succeed in their business or other big goal, she is a master at coaching on relationships with children, romantic partners, money, and more.  When these areas of our lives are solid, it frees us to share our gifts with the rest of the world with ease and confidence.  Fredi is extremely empathic, and follows your lead.  You will bloom in Fredi’s care.

Amy Minkoff, CPC


Before I started coaching with Fredi, I felt as if my life was misaligned.  I felt as if I were going down two different career paths with no middle ground.  One coaching session with Fredi turned my career path around.  Her intuition was spot on about where I was in my career and where I was looking to go.  She helped me to find the confidence within myself to ask for what it is I want by setting the intention that I’ll get it!  As a result, I managed to align my career with my passion!  I now look at my job with a fresh pair of eyes and readiness to succeed.  Everyday I think about the one call that made it all happen.  Fredi, I will forever be indebted to you!

Robin Sampson, Professional Staff Developer and Coach for the New York City Department of Education


I experienced an intense year of transformation – reconsidering my niche while trying to launch my coaching business, losing a good friend and my father-in-law, incorporating my husband’s job loss into our lives, focusing on my own health and losing over 100 pounds in a year…Looking back, I could not have stayed the course as well as I did without Fredi’s support and encouragement. She has a knack for keeping the big picture in front of you, for inspiring you to see yourself differently, for lifting your energy. Working with Fredi, I learned so much about myself and about coaching others. Her spirit is a gift. If you’re reading this and are hesitating about investing in yourself to work with Fredi…don’t hesitate any longer. You will be so glad you took the leap.  

LaNette Parker, ACC, Coach for high achievers with deferred dreams


Have you ever said to yourself, how do I get from where I am to where I know I can be? Have you tried other self awareness methods only to find yourself back to where you started? Working with Fredi has finally allowed me to change from the inside out such that my “baseline” is no longer the same. I can finally say that I am living from a more loving place instead of a fearful place. What once was pity has now become forgiveness, what once was anger has shifted to opportunity. So, if you have a nudging about changing your baseline, working with Fredi can get you there. Have fun!!

Jeri Matera, CPC, ELI-MP, Florida


Fredi Baker is a very energizing coach. Fredi helped me see choices and opportunities in my life  that have given me wonderful, yet realistic perspectives. Fredi helped me see the strength and peace in acceptance of things I can’t change. After working with Fredi, I am more optimistic and self confident. Fredi meets you where you are and helps you grow to be the person you really want to be. I am grateful for our work together.

Cheryl Koob, CPC


Working with Fredi has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  My life has completely changed since I started working with her.  Thanks Fredi, you’re the best.

Celia Mosier, CPC, Soccer Coach, Virginia


While working with Fredi, she has encouraged me and provided me space to experiment, risk and ultimately craft my own unique style. I have learned a great deal from our sessions together and have grown and become more effective in whatever I may be doing. Through this process, I realized the gifts she gave me – support, non judgment, openness, gentle guidance and curiosity. This gift has in turn paved the way for additional self and professional exploration. I highly recommend Fredi Baker as coach. 

Rob Polishook, CPC, New York


Fredi brings out the best in her clients with challenging questions that empower and motivate. Forward action is inevitable when working with Fredi who sees all the good life has to offer! 

Monica Marie Kosiorek, CPC, Florida


Fredi, you created such a safe place for me to grow. Month after month you taught me to trust in myself, and as a result, my confidence began to soar. Thank you for sharing your gift with me. I will be forever grateful.   

Carolyn Nemo, ACC, Los Angeles, CA


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