OK, I’ll admit it. This year Spring Fever hit me hard. The picture above is just an example of what was right outside my window, beckoning me. I’m recovering, and now that my raging case of spring fever is subsiding, I’m looking at my world differently. This period of bowing to my whims and whatnots allowed me to let go of the “need-tos” and “shoulds” and being busy for busyness’ sake. Truth told, this was the first time in a very long time I have had the luxury to indulge in spring fever. To live a life that was not as heavily scheduled, structured and serious. Guess what? I do feel renewed and refreshed. I also see the value of having more of a game plan, the value of coming back, leaning into what’s important and has value to me, and letting go of some of those pesky “shoulds” and “need tos” on a more permanent basis while I’m at it.

One of the things I learned is that the “non-plan plan” just isn’t sustainable for an entrepreneur. It might be great for a week or even a month, but at some point, I began to desire some kind of routine. I found my client calls kept me grounded in some sort of structure. I noticed that some days I felt more like working than others, and certain times of day were more compelling to write, to answer emails and other business stuff. And some days I delighted in playing hooky from my business altogether. (Hello Fridays!)  I became more aware than ever of my most creative times. I also became aware that I checked my email, Facebook and the news(!) all too often.

As we move into the unofficial start of summer, spring fever is pretty much behind me. I’m ready to take on a new perspective. One of my core values is fun, and somehow I forgot this in the seriousness around me. Now is the perfect time to change that. The key is to take what I am learning and use it to my advantage so that work feels more like play again.

It’s funny how the calendar sometimes lends itself to a new plan. For me, it seems like that unofficial summer I was referring to begins at Memorial Day and goes through Labor Day.  This year we get 14 glorious weeks. Time to change things up, try new things that are more sustainable. And fun.

When we were kids the promise of summer vacation was always so enticing. The beginning was filled with so much promise and potential. Why not bring that back? Imagine who you will be in September.  Why not ask yourself this:

What do you want to do this summer?


TIDBITS – Some questions, thoughts, and more for you to use as writing prompts, conversation starters, creativity boosters or however else you’d like.

  • Imagine you are meeting friends for a Labor Day BBQ. You’re asked “How was your summer? What did you do?”  You answer……
  • How can you make your work more playful?
  • What/where do you want to explore this summer?
  • Summer is a time to…
  • How can you embrace the longer days, relaxed pace?
  • What are your summer dreams and goals?