Life is precious. And, as recent events have sadly demonstrated with the senseless violence and destruction from both nature and man, that life comes with no guarantees. If you were directly affected in one way or another, my heart hurts for you.

Many of us may feel a deep. pervasive sadness, and may not be sure of what we can do to make things better. But, isn’t it time to do something? Isn’t it time to begin the healing – in our country and in the world? To come together and begin to heal.

Here are a few possibilities that come to mind – in no particular order:

  • Give to those in immediate suffering. Donations of money, food, water, clothing, household goods all make a difference. Give blood. Give time to volunteer in the clean-up – and eventually rebuilding – work.
  • Be creative with your help. Maybe lend a compassionate ear to people who need to be heard. Perhaps help people get the governmental help they need? Use your imagination – if you can imagine it, those in crisis probably can benefit from it.
  • Come together for the greater good. Stop the petty squabbles and focus on healing the country, the world.
  • Show others kindness, love, and compassion, no matter what. That jerk who cut you off in traffic this morning may have a loved one who lost everything (even their life) and is hurting too.
  • Accept that climate change is real, and do what you can to live a more sustainable life.
  • Accept the reality, and keep focusing on the positive. (My heart is full just by posting this.)
  • Spread the love around.
  • Be grateful – life is precious.

You can make a positive difference.

Loving-kindness is the answer – no matter what the question is.

Life is precious.