Coaching with Fredi is for you if you’re ready to let yourself dream of living – and working – in a way that is authentic, creative, fun, and profitable. Time to live by your own rules, your own way. Time to break out of where you are and move into where you want to be. Time to be bold, let go of what’s holding you back, and even the “shoulds” that are in the way. Maybe it’s time to go rogue. Time to lean into your dreams, your vision.Time to get clear and focused on just what that is. 

You’re in the right place.

What is my coaching philosophy?

  • I believe in giving my clients exquisite individual care and attention.
  • I believe each client is special, unique, resourceful and creative. And amazing. I take the time needed to really be there for my clients, even if this means something as simple as looking at a draft of something they have written late the night before their big presentation.
  • I believe in attention to detail, being flexible, listening deeply, especially to what isn’t being said.
  • I believe the best coaching relationship have agility and are flexible. Creative. Motivation when and where it’s needed most. Time. Care. Nurturing when needed, and a kick in the pants when that is.
  • I believe it’s time to celebrate the creative spirit within each of us.

(Oh – and what I’m not about? Big-box, high volume coaching, and programs, one size fits all, cookie-cutter, mass-produced, generic, fear-based, “you’re doing it wrong” philosophy. And, I’m sure you know what I mean, right? You may have even been burned by this in the past yourself.)

In a mass produced world, what I do is exclusive and unique. Like you.  Together we pay exquisite attention to your vision and to the details for how to make that happen.

I have long thought of my coaching business as a boutique experience, where my clients get exquisite individualized attention, right down to the smallest details. I hold the creative business dreams of my clients unconditionally – as their coach, uplifter, muse, mentor and even the facilitator for them to create something extraordinary.

It’s time. Time to unblock your creativity and stories about not being enough. 

I’m here to help. The first step is to recognize you are ready to embrace the adventure that awaits you.  Let’s have a complimentary chat to see if working together right now is a good fit, and how coaching with me can make the difference for you.

Let’s chat to discuss if coaching is for you, or how we’ll work together.

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