Every couple of years, the Olympics bursts onto the world stage. Athletes, spectators, crew, judges, the media, and everyone else comes together to witness the competition – the “Going for the Gold.” Truth is, only one person or one team in any event can win that gold medal. Anything else – even the silver or bronze medal – can seem like a failure. Make no mistake, these athletes are the elite among their peers – at the top of their game, with the expertise, experience and gravitas to have earned their place in the competition. Just earning a spot on an Olympic team is a huge accomplishment.

For some, it’s their first time competing at the Olympics, for others, it will be their last. Each athlete has their own story, their values, their motivation and inspiration that has carried them here. Their why. To the ones who have won the gold, Congratulations! And to all the others? Congratulations! as well. For showing up, for being composed under pressure, no matter what. For their good sportsmanship, their gratitude, perseverance, skill, grit, and all that it took.

As a creative entrepreneur, how do you define a win? You probably won’t find yourself standing on a podium in a stadium filled with cheering fans – with a gold medal around your neck – anytime soon. Or silver, or bronze, for that matter. That said, you can still have your own Gold Medal moments. Perhaps it is making that follow-up call you have been dreading, or marching into the networking event, letting people read – or see – your creative work. How about when you send your newsletter, publish your blog/Facebook/Instagram post, or even better, finally find the courage to launch your website?

(Why do I have a photo of a mug here? It’s what my daughter Bridget (aka webpresencesherpa.com) gave me when I rebranded, finally got this logo, and relaunched my new website that she designed. A daily reminder of a Gold Medal Moment for me when I’m at my desk.)

I see gold medal moments in my clients and my community – and in you – all the time. Daring to take the risk and rise beyond what they thought they were capable of. To soar. To shine. Do you see them too?