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Creativity is my secret superpower, and I bet if you’re reading this, it’s yours too!

Knitting is a major creative outlet for me right now, along with writing. I love to knit shawls, among other things. Recently, I have published a couple of shawl designs, which you can find on Ravelry. (One Perfect Skein and Create Your Own Adventure)  I’m also having fun doing some bigger knitted wall hangings that are chunky and colorful.

When I’m not playing with yarn, you might find me working with my coaching clients on designing a life that they love, doing work that lights them up, and expressing themselves creatively every day. I’m also a writer, and I coach other writers and creatives as well – sometimes on getting unstuck and sometimes on their creative process, among other things. I’ve been coaching for over 17 years, and am a Master Certified Coach. In my former life I was a theatrical costume designer for many years, and designing is a true expression of who I am.