Happy New Year! We’re a couple of weeks in – how’s it going so far? Did you burst out of the gate, filled with possibilities and enthusiasm – ready to begin? Or was is a different experience for you altogether? Mind you, there is no “right” way to begin the year, and every year is different. In fact, some people just view it as any other day. Me?

I was so looking forward to getting back to work on Jan 2 feeling inspired, focused, motivated, full of energy and basically unstoppable. I took the last couple of weeks of December off. The idea was to have a lovely break, and then begin the new year with a bang. I planned to reconnect, to write a post wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and get back to the life of an entrepreneur at it’s most creative and productive.

But life had other plans. I rang in the new year in the emergency room with a sudden eye injury that happened just before midnight on New Years Eve. Funny thing, I thought I had the finish line for 2017 in sight, ready to cross at the stroke of midnight. I was ready to wish the old year well and let it go – for many reasons. I was more than ready to create – from the first moment of 2018 – a bright shiny new year.

As it turned out, I was laid up for over a week healing from my injury, and cold since my heater went out for a day or two. This was definitely not the stellar beginning to the year I had imagined. In fact, it left me feeling a bit unmotivated, unfocused and disoriented. Added to that, it’s been gray, cold and rainy almost every day. Suffice it to say, I lost my momentum and motivation.

I knew something had to shift – but what? How did I recapture my creative energy and have a restart for the new year? By accepting where I was and beginning on my own terms, even if it wasn’t on January 1st. By getting quiet and listening. Taking a cue from the peace lily in my dining room that bloomed suddenly on January 1, I began to cultivate peace and acceptance. I stopped berating myself for not moving faster and not trying to force my earlier plans. I found I could breathe into the space that opened up. I could be kind to myself, and at the same time begin to move forward organically and authentically at my own pace.

Now it’s a few weeks into 2018. My eye has healed, the heater is churning out blissful warmth and I’m back to writing and creating for my business. More importantly, I’m dreaming about the bright shiny new year and what I will create. I feel a sense of peace that it will unfold perfectly.

What about you? What might shift if you were to accept and make peace with wherever you are right now? What do you want to celebrate at the end of 2018? It’s not too late to begin…