Never underestimate the difference you can make to help people, sometimes in surprising ways. For example, sitting at the desk in my office every day and looking out at my front yard, I saw my orange tree, majestic at around 20 feet tall, filled with beautiful, ripe oranges. There were many more oranges than I could eat, or gift to family and friends. With so many people going hungry in the community, I wanted to do something to get the oranges to where they could feed some of those people. But what? In this case, all it took was a phone call to a wonderful woman, Nanci, and her local not-for-profit volunteer organization, Harvest Sacramento, which is a part of Soil Born Farms, an urban farm in Sacramento known for their inspirational community outreach.

Truth told, I’m ridiculously proud of that orange tree in my front yard. From it, Nanci and her fellow volunteers were able to harvest a whopping 132 pounds of delicious ripe oranges! If I hadn’t made that call, most of those oranges would have merely gone to waste. Now Nanci and her friends will donate them to another extraordinary non-profit organization, Food Not Bombs, that serves hot, vegan meals every Sunday in Ceaser Chavez Plaza  (the park across from city hall) to hungry people, free of charge.

Abundance is where you find it, and remember to look for the low-hanging fruit.

Take a look around. What do you notice? There are surprising opportunities everywhere for you to make a positive difference and share the abundance. Maybe it’s volunteering for a cause you believe in, or cleaning out a closet/garage/wherever and letting go of physical things that you no longer want/need and donating them so that others may benefit. Maybe it’s lending a helping hand to someone. You might feel compelled to donate money to a cause you believe in. It might be as simple as making a phone call. See what pulls your focus – and follow it, no matter what it is.

Even though I made that phone call to Nanci at Harvest Sacramento originally to donate oranges, in the end I reaped the benefit of meeting some truly inspiring, positive people. I felt like I was the one being given a gift. I’m so grateful I can now pay it forward by telling others about this wonderful organization that makes a difference for so many in need.

As I look around my city, I see so many more citrus trees, ripe and ready to be shared as well. I also see so many ways to make a difference.There are other teams of harvesters like Nanci’s, and several ways to help – such as having your own trees harvested, spreading the word about this to other people who could benefit from having their trees harvested, and even volunteering to pick the fruit.

Take another look around you. What opportunities may you have missed at first glance to make a difference?