Welcome! Fredi here. I work with creative entrepreneurs – coaches, writers, artists, designers, visionaries in all stages of their development. It may be anything or everything from creating a vision for their business, finding and developing their brand, niche and message, creating their business name, tagline and website copy, and basically doing whatever it takes. We also work on the personal stuff that may be holding them back or getting in the way, including any blocks around writing and creativity.

I’ve been coaching for over 16 years, and, believe me, I get it. I’ve been where you are a time or two myself. I have created and recreated my business so it has evolved into something I love that is more authentic and in line with my values and vision. I’ve been stuck, had flashes of creative brilliance, and I’ve gone rogue when the status quo was no longer working.

I am honored to have clients throughout the world. I am committed to

individual attention and quality and I have dedicated myself to providing the best possible experience to all the creative entrepreneurs who share my passion for making a difference – their way.

Yes, I am a self-admitted “coaching geek.” I absolutely love the artistry of the coaching process and believe in the power of coaching completely. I coach and mentor coaches and entrepreneurs to find and develop their unique message, often through writing. It is my belief that, deep down, we are all creative – and we are all writers. The internet connects us to more people than was ever thought possible, and so be willing and able to express ourselves authentically is essential to building a thriving business that is fun, profitable and inspiring. Many of us can get blocked, stuck and stymied from time to time, especially when we are unclear of what we have to say. I am passionate about helping people develop that creative voice and find the courage to put it out into the world.

For those of you who might be interested in my credentials: I received my Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential from the International Coaches Federation (ICF) in 2006. I graduated from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) in 2001 as a Certified Professional Coach and I served as president of my local ICF chapter for two years. Previously, I worked extensively in professional theater as a production director, marketing consultant and costume designer, and I remain inspired by the creative innovations that happen there on a daily basis.

When I’m not coaching or writing, you may find me engaged in another creative passion – knitting. In fact, knitting keeps me inspired, grounded and centered to do my best work. I believe a day without knitting is a day not fully lived. Some of my most insightful moments while I am sitting quietly, playing with yarn and needles.


Let’s chat to discuss if coaching is for you, or how we’ll work together.

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