Life is precious … isn’t it time to find the agility, creativity, and motivation to finally have the business and life you have always dreamed of? To express yourself freely and powerfully and to have fun while you’re at it?

You want a business that is honest, inspiring, and profitable. Not only that – you want to have fun as you build it. But something’s missing. You’ve got the training, skills, and credentials – and you know that’s just the beginning. You are ready to do whatever it takes, but what is that exactly?

It IS possible to build a business that delights and inspires you and attracts the perfect high paying clients who adore working with you. But you must think creatively and communicate powerfully. And this is the missing link.

The truth is, to build a profitable business that is true to your values, vision, and passions, it’s going to take more than just planning and strategy.

It’s going to take creative thinking, knowing what you want (and what you don’t), and taking a bigger, more public stand for what you believe in. And, writing. It’s going to take writing.


You know it’s time to:


Discover exactly who you work with, why, and how that fits with your vision.

Stop taking yourself too seriously. Let your business be fun, creative and profitable.

Dump the old stuff that’s just not working, and break through to what does – so you can make money doing something you love, and do it in a way that is aligned with who you really are.

Develop the habit of being creative in your business. Start writing, and keep writing. Become a compelling, magnetic speaker. Hint: writing will help with that.

Stand for what you believe in. Give back in a way that is fun and inspiring.

Make a difference. Express yourself with integrity.


Not everyone wants this kind of business but you and I do. In fact, that is what the Artisanal Coaching Experience™  is all about. I’m here to help you create your business in a way that truly delights and inspires you. It’s time to step up and dream bigger, communicate more powerfully and attract the clients you love working with.



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